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Colleen Mercer Clarke

Landscape Architect and Coastal Ecologist
International Federation of Landscape Architects
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Speaker Topic: 

"The nature of progress: How working to integrate society with the environment will transform our society and our future"

Increasingly in discourse in landscape architecture, architecture, and engineering we are hearing terms like ecosystem-based approaches and nature-based solutions as alternatives to established perspectives that are firmly rooted in environmental control and management.  In recent times, it has certainly become clear that the old ways are not the good ways.  When you step away from established principles for best practice, it can become easy to see that working with nature may be our only practical pathway to a sustainable future, and the best hope for societies struggling today with severe weather, conflict, and disease.  This is our time, and these are our challenges.  They are large challenges that require of us transformative innovation.   Our world and our communities depend on us to provide leadership for the future, not to follow in the mistaken paths of our past.

Speaker Biography: 

Dr. Mercer Clarke (M.Sc., M.L.A., Ph.D., FCSLA/APALA) is an interdisciplinary scientist who advocates for ecosystem-based approaches to advancing resilience to a changing climate, with a special focus on planning and design for sea level rise and severe weather.

With over 35 years experience, Colleen’s career has focused on the sustainable development of resources and communities through integration and stewardship of natural and cultural resources. Her portfolio includes environmental audit and impact assessment, watershed, regional and municipal planning, and assessment and recovery of contaminated sites. With over 10 years experience in research and application on climate change, currently she chairs the International Federation of Landscape Architects Committee on Professional Practice and Policy.

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Wednesday 27 July, 2022

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8:30 AM
8:30 AM
Colleen Mercer Clarke
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